• Check up (examination) and cleaning with airflow (high pressure sodiumpowderedater) 
• Treatment of Odontofobia 
• Mouthguards- for treating TMD (temporomandibular joint disfunction) 
• Mouthguards – also for decreasing snoring 
• Bleaching appliances 
• White fillings 
• Aesthetic treatments 
• Extractions 
• Implant treatment 
• Crowns , Bridges, Veneers 
• Cerec- crowns that you can get on the same day with no temporaries required 
• Invisalign - orthodontic treatment without traditional orthodontic braces 
• Laser- used for soft tissue and gums recontouring 
• Digital x-ray- For patients safety, comfort, accuracy, we use a low radiation digitalrays. 
• OPG – Panorama røntgen 

We are running a private practice with modern technological equipments and we have a widerange of expertise. 
Since 2005 we have had the plesure to work with the Cerec equipment, and can offer ourpatients stunning procelain restorations. A scanning unit and a 3D printer (milling unit) are the main tools for the most beautiful porcelain crowns and fillings. These cases do not need any uncomfortable imprints for technical labs any more. 
We have the very best of experience. Dental implants have come to stay and we have completed continuing education courses related to Implant technology. HELFO (National HealthInsurance) will therefore cover a part of the expenses for the treatment if you fit their creteria.

Hva er CEREC?

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