Ivana Karadzic


Ivana started to work at our clinic in April 2017. She has been working as a Dentist for over 10 years, 2of them in Norway. She has a PhD degree in Pediatric Dentistry from Odontologic University of Serbia. Ivana is a member of Norwegian Dental Assosiation.

Srdjan Cizmovic


Srdjan Cizmovic comes from Montenegro and graduated as a dentist at the University of Belgrade in 2009. He has worked in Dental Health Rogaland for 9 years and as a dentist for 12 years. Srdjan is a very pleasant, a very good colleague and a good dentist with long experience. He is also a member of the Norwegian Dental Association.

Nadine Spelinski

Dental nurse

Nadine started at our clinic April 2010. She finished her education in Germany and has been working as adental nurse since 2004. She will greet you with a big smile when you arrive. She is good at finding solutions, and is a great and valued collegue.

Slobodan Karadzic

Slobodan started at our clinic in September 2017. He is a devoted assistant, and works fast and efficiant. Slobodan is a great collegue with a fun sense of humor. He was working as the main assistant at his previous clinic where he worked two years before coming to us.

Ine Eltervåg

You can find her at the resepsion or on the phone. She is a kind and positive young lady, that will assist you with booking of appointments or just to make small conversation while you are waiting.

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